How Not to Think About the News

A few weeks back, I started to see this graphic make the rounds on social media.  There are no sources or accompanying article that I could find, but it looks like someone’s earnest attempt to articulate their view of political media.  Whoever made it, I think they hit the nail on the head when it comes to how many of us think about political media.  We’ve got ‘bias’ from the left or right and more ‘journalistic value’ somewhere in the middle.  It may well be something somebody just threw together but, it rings true, right?  As such, it can show us how we think about politics and media.  We might not agree with the exact placement of each of the outlets, but the overall model in our heads probably looks something like this:

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The Style and Speed of Misinformation

This very special episode of ‘All In’ from MSNBC is a must watch; you don’t often get a record of the case voters make for themselves.  Among other things, there’s a near perfect example of the style and speed with which misinformation spreads.  Watch the first 3 minutes of the video, up until Chris starts talking to the young lady in the hijab and answer the following question:

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